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an ant crawling on wood

Why Do I Have An Ant Problem In My Richmond Home?

June 15, 2021

Trying to get rid of ants isn't just annoying, it can be dangerous, and it can also cause a worse infestation. Ants are known to branch out and create satellite colonies if they're startled, and if you don't eradicate them all in one go, you'll find yourself even worse off than before.... Read More

termite swarmers infesting a richmond foundation

What Termite Swarming Season Means For Richmond Property Owners

April 15, 2021

Your chances of seeing a termite in person are fairly slim. Your chances of having trouble with these pests around your Richmond property, however, are considerably higher. Fortunately, there is one time of year where these damaging little insects show their hand, and that time is swarming season. ... Read More