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Answers To Richmond's Most Frequently Asked Questions On Mice

January 15, 2022

Where Do Mice Hide? Have you ever owned a small pet? Did they ever get out of their cage and disappear into your home? If they did, you certainly know that any home has lots of places for small animals to hide. Mice, in particular, like to chew holes through walls and hide inside of wall and ceiling voids. They also take shelter inside cluttered storage rooms, basements, and attic spaces.  Do Cats Keep Mice Away? ... Read More

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The Problems Rodents Bring To Your Richmond Home

January 15, 2021

As Richmond residents, we love showing our RVA pride. It’s a great place to live, and that encourages our efforts when taking care of our homes and properties. However, with dozens of tasks to cross off of the home maintenance list every weekend, rodent control tends to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, homeowners who don’t get out in front of a mouse or rat infestation typically regret it, especially once they realize how many p... Read More