Newport News, VA Pest Control

Effective Pest Solutions For Newport News, VA Properties

Newport News is a city of growth and prosperity with its sights set on the future. With over 180,000 residents, a thriving economy, and superb arts and culture, Newport News has all the amenities of a modern American city but still maintains a small-town attitude. Everybody is welcome in our city and we strive to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of one another. 

Pestmaster® Services shares those same Newport News values. With services customized to your unique situation, our friendly pest control experts will ensure that you get the best results possible with minimal disruption to your busy life. 

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, we focus on long-term results that won’t impact your health and safety. Whether you’re dealing with ants, rodents, spiders, wasps, or any other troublesome pests, we’ve got the answers to solve the problem. 

For help with any and all unwanted pests in Newport News, VA, contact us today. Our experienced and fully licensed technicians will create a one-of-a-kind plan for your home or business so that you can say goodbye to pests for good. 

Home Pest Control In Newport News, VA

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Pestmaster® Services has the experience and accreditation you need for your residential pest control problems. Since 1999, we’ve been providing exemplary service to homes like yours. And with credentials from GreenPro, QualityPro, and more, you can always trust our professional integrity. 

Pestmaster® Services strives to provide you with the best residential pest control possible. Termites, mosquitoes, and intrusive wildlife are no problem for us, and we’ll collaborate with you to develop a pest control plan that fits your needs. We also specialize in bed bug treatments and other targeted pest control services for the most comprehensive protection for your hard-earned money.

We offer several residential pest control plans for our customers:

  • Seasonal Plan – Covering over 20 common pests from April to October, this monthly plan is perfect for pests during peak season. We apply professional-grade treatment to the exterior of your home to defend against bugs and rodents that can spread disease and destroy your property.

  • Quarterly Plan – Our quarterly treatments are customized for each unique home. Our courteous technicians will apply treatment every three months to ensure a pest-free home all year long. Using techniques such as exterior rodent control stations, outbuilding treatment, and full de-webbing, the Quarterly Plan aims to eliminate and prevent all potential pest problems.  

  • Specialized Plans – We are also happy to create custom service plans for your unique situation. Whether it’s bed bugs, termites, or other specific pest problems, we will work with you to develop the right plan for your schedule.

If you’re experiencing any pest troubles in your Newport News, VA home, don’t wait another day. Contact Pestmaster® Services for professional pest control you can trust.

Commercial Pest Control In Newport News, VA

Pest infestations can completely ruin your business. So, whether you run a healthcare facility, factory, warehouse, hotel, or any commercial business in Newport News, VA, Pestmaster® Services can provide the safe and effective pest control treatment you need. Using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we ensure that our services are as holistic and comprehensive as possible. If you’ve got bed bugs, rats, cockroaches, or any other pest that threatens the survival of your business, you can count on us to take care of it. 

So, why choose Pestmaster® Services for your business?

  • Our pest control experts will work with you to develop a commercial pest control plan customized for your business.

  • We will schedule monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services to discretely eliminate the pests you have and prevent future pests from infesting your facility.

  • We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to ensure long-lasting results with the least impact on the health and safety of employees and customers.

For more information about our commercial pest control services in Newport News, VA or to schedule an inspection for your business, contact us today.

Why Are Attic & Crawlspace Remediation Services So Important In Newport News?

Proper attics & crawlspace remediation services are essential for ensuring that your property stays healthy and pest-free. When invasive pests like mice and raccoons make their way into your attic or crawlspace, they can contaminate your property with urine and feces, cause mold and mildew to develop, and attract flies and other bugs in event of their death. 

Pest problems in attics and crawlspaces can lead to structural damage and health issues. Excessive urination can degrade structural wood and the spread of mold and mildew can cause respiratory illness. Not to mention, the foul smell of decaying flesh or animal droppings can be incredibly challenging to live or work with.

When you work with Pestmaster® Services for attic & crawlspace remediation, you’ll get complete removal of all waste and debris, thorough sanitization, and preventative measures to make sure that pests won’t inhabit your attic or crawlspace again. 

Pestmaster® Services aims to provide you with the most comprehensive pest control services possible and attic & crawlspace remediation services are an indispensable part. If you’ve experienced pest-related damage or contamination in your attic or crawlspace in Newport News, VA, get in touch with us today.

Four Solutions To Common Rodent Problems In Newport News

Rodents can cause serious problems for homes and businesses. They transmit disease, spread parasites, and can destroy your property and belongings. But with some simple adjustments, you can reduce the risk of rodent infestation in Newport News, VA.

Ways you can solve rodent problems include:

  1. Sealing entrances – Most rodents only need a hole the size of a coin to enter your home or business. Inspect the exterior of your property and stuff any holes with steel wool. Cover large cracks or openings with metal lathe or plating.

  2. Disposing garbage – Don’t let garbage accumulate indoors. Make sure all trash is disposed of in a timely manner and put in a sturdy receptacle with a tight-sealing lid.

  3. Protecting food – Store any pantry foods in airtight containers composed of glass, ceramic, or metal. Rodents can easily chew through plastic and cardboard to access your food.

  4. Cleaning up – Simply wiping up crumbs and spills as they occur can reduce the risk of rodent infestation. Sweep, vacuum, or mop floors regularly to ensure that no food waste attracts rodents. Always clean the areas where you eat and cook after use.

For total protection from dangerous rodents in Newport News, VA, contact the experts at Pestmaster® Services. We’ll eliminate the rodents you have and prevent new rodents from infesting your property in the future.